Monday 17 September 2018


You have chosen to get hardwood floors in your house but you're not certain about which kind of wood to select. Each one of the several forms of wood which are offered for hardwood floors each have their advantages and disadvantages which you have to contemplate as well as taking in the help of the hardwood floors expert who'll be laying your hardwood flooring for you.

The traditional kinds of wood which you're used for hardwood flooring consist of walnut, ash, birch and maple. You might believe oak is the toughest wood of this choice but this is not correct. In fact, maple and ash are more difficult than oak and therefore stronger.

The hardness and durability of every wood will need to be weighed up with how much traffic will be coming and from this particular area it is to be put in.

Additionally, every wood is a different shade of brown with some wood like oak and merbau being a darker shade of timber, whereas walnut and ash are extremely light in colour. Some forests may get darker over time, with a few getting lighter in appearance. You will have to discuss this colour change with your hardwood floors specialist.


If you have just purchased a new house and you are considering doing some home improvements, it may be a good idea to leave some tasks to the specialists. When it comes to hardwood flooring, you need to call from the hardwood flooring experts. Whether or not you would like to bring some old floorboards back to life or you wish to put new hardwood floors in some of the rooms within your house, only method to accomplish a high quality finish is to use an expert.

They will sand, handle, stain and varnish your floorboards so they're looking fresh. Alternatively, they will be placing your new floors down to the highest of standards. This might include putting down underlay that will insulate your new hardwood flooring from the concrete beneath which makes it warm .

You will have the reassurance that your flooring will look magnificent if you get a professional to do it for you and you'll be able to conserve your energies for deciding what color to paint the walls and deciding on a brand new kitchen.

Thursday 26 October 2017

Your Home is Our Priority

Your Home is Our Priority

Priority for us is to provide high quality floor renovation services. If you have a renovation ideas for your home is good to start a floor sanding procedure, this can change the complete vision of your home or office ! We think it is better to restore or renovate an existing wooden floor rather than just replace it.
There are many reasons for this, like that hardwood have more character and patina, authentic wood is usually higher quality than modern machined boards. When your home floors are well treated they are able to change the complete view of the area and we guarantee that they will look amazing after our visitation because a company rule is to provide the best sanding services!

Sanding will transform every interior and do not forget that things look better when they are sitting on sparkling floor. Every step we take it matters, to feel good and relaxed at your own is the important, this is way we say that we are happy for you to walk on our reputation! We have learned by the years is that flooring is very important part of each home. Our experts are the best in wooden floors business, and they will be working for your home’s remodelling the way you dream this to happen and most of all for you to feel fresh and happy looking how shiny your rooms are again!

Monday 24 July 2017

Vintage interior and wood flooring

All of us love to look at the interior magazines and try a pretty things in our home interior, here today we are going to speak a little bit about vintage home design. And as you know ‘vintage’ as word meaning is a high quality and lasting value, or showing the best and the most typical characteristics of particular type of things like vintage clothing, vintage decoration, vintage book, so when we are talking about vintage here let’s really focus on this long lasting material called WOOD ! The wide use of this amazing material and it’s wonderful characteristics have made them the most used material in the world of  floors! We are loving our job and we like to make new project and improve our work and techniques as well as we are improving yout homes and offices with  hardwood flooring. Our company is one of the best experts in wood floor renovations because we know so much about this material. Wood is so popular because of it’s great skills and benefits it brings in your home like light reflection improvement, less dust collecting, better foot traffic handling, shiny and sparkling appearance, more welcoming atmosphere and of course long lasting ! And it is also comfortable and suitable for every type of interior.
In vintage homes is necessary to have a wood flooring because nothing is as classic as wood! Contact with our company any time you need to do floor restoration !

Monday 10 July 2017

Selsdon Floor Sanding

We can bring back shine on top of your floor's surface! Contact us 24/7!

Monday 24 April 2017

The Top 10 of  Floor Sanding Benefits !

1.Light reflection improvement
2.Less dust collecting
3.Better foot traffic handling
4.Great smooth feeling
5.Shiny and sparkling appearance
6.Long lasting
7.More welcoming atmosphere
8.Better aqustic
9.Affecting good on functions
10.Protection from future harm